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Photo of GE Security ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor
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GE Security ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor

Test sensor operation with a hand clap

The ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor listens for actual patterns of breaking glass, using Pattern Recognition Technology. Its coverage pattern can be easily adjusted and interference outside the range will not cause false alarms. These sensors detect glass breaking in a full 360 degree coverage pattern, with an adjustable 3 to 35-ft.range. A simple hand clap feature lets the user confirm that the sensor is operational, or a handheld tester can be activated at close range.
ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor Options
Part # DescriptionAvailabilityPriceOrder
5812NT ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor, (Rectangular Housing, Form A. 3 feet - 35 feet, Adjustable Range) Ships Today $32.50
5812-RND ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor, (Round Acoustic Glassbreak Form A) Ships Today $25.90
NX-488 ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor, ShatterPro Crystal Glassbreak Sensor (Wireless, 319.5 MHz, Crystal Transmitter, Compatible with all NetworX Panels - 5-Year Battery Included)
Ships in 24-48 Hours
R5815NT ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor, (with Tamper Round Housing and Form C)
Ships in 24-48 Hours

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